We would like to rent a boat, have a wine tasting and do other fun things, can you help us organise?
Of course we can!! We have lots of contacts in the area, so let us know what you are into. There will also be a document in the studio full of tips about where to eat, where to go and what to do.

Do I share anything with other guests?
No, both studios are independent with their own entrance.

Why is the breakfast self-service?
Since the studios are independent, we decided not to bother you with a ‘breakfast service’, but to have small breakfast snacks in the studio. That way, you can take whatever you want, whenever you want. There are also some drinks in the fridge. The breakfast is simple because we know from experience that most of our guests do not eat much in the morning (like the Italians) because they had a big, late dinner the night before ánd are heaving a big lunch later that afternoon. Do you crave bread, eggs and cheese after all? We love to visit (and thereby support) the small local stores close to the studio. We will show you where!

Do the studio’s have windows?
Yes, both of our studios have windows that can open. They might be smaller and on a higher level than you might be used to. That’s because the summers get pretty hot here and big windows would make the studios too warm. Like almost all houses on the ground floor in Puglia (have a look around when you are here!), the studios therefore have high ceilings, windows that are not too big and of course air-conditioning!

When can I check-in and out?
Check-in is from 14.00 and checkout until 11.00. Let us know around what time you would like to arrive and we will do our best to make the studio ready for you also before 14.00. We can always store your luggage.

Can I pay with my credit card?
We only accept payments in cash. There is a cash machine close to the studio if you need one.

Do you live in the same building?
We do not live in the same building, but very very close. Within 1 minute we can be there when you have a problem, need anything or have questions. Do not hesitate to contact us during your stay! The studio’s have WiFi so you can also use WhatsApp.

I would like to organise something special, can you help me?
We love all things special, so yes! Would you like to surprise your loved one with champagne in the morning? Rose peddles on the bed? Flowers? A special breakfast? A fridge full of coca cola, because… well… you just love to drink coca cola? Please let us know if you have any special requests and we will assist you in any way we can!

Can you pick me up from the station or airport?
Of course we can, and we will do it without extra costs between 8 in the morning and 1 in the night! The station is not even a 5-minute drive from our B&B and the airport around 15 minutes. If you need a ride very early in the morning, we can call you a taxi (between 20 and 30 euro’s).

My flight is very early in the morning, is that a problem?
Problems do not exist! The breakfast is self-service, so you can take whatever you would like, pack your things and close the door behind you with the key on the table. We can also organise an early taxi for you if you do not have a car.

Can I park (for free) close to the studio?
Yes you can! The best place is Piazza Santa Teresa, around 50 meters from the studio. We will show exactly where, some places are paid, some are free.

Any other questions?
Do you have any questions that are not on this page or do you just want to say hi? Please contact us.

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