We have been welcoming guests for over 8 years and often got asked “What can we do in Puglia?”. Since around 2015 we have been talking about building a platform where guests can search through tours and activities and see the prices and availability.

Because searching yourself is not always easy: many organizations in the region do not have a website and if they have, information is not always available in English or other languages. It is also not always clear what an activity costs and when they can book that.

We have contacted these organizations and companies to see if they would be interested in a platform like ours and they were all very enthusiastic. We started working on the website and prego, here is it: a platform where you can search through activities and tours that you can directly book. We also offer free information about Puglia such as interesting blog posts and events.

We are very excited to see what you think, so have a look on www.whattodoinpuglia.com.



Tours and activities in Puglia

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