Rules holiday Puglia 2020

From June 3rd, Italians can travel outside of the region they live in. Italy also dropped the quarantine requirement for people arriving from certain countries, namely:
  • The 26 other members of the European Union
  • Schengen Area members Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Adorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City
Tourists arriving from these countries will not face any restrictions upon entering Italy, though depending on their own country’s rules they may be required to quarantine when they return home.


Registration needed


Everyone coming to Puglia (whether you are a resident or a tourist), has to fill in a special form that can be found on
After filling in the form you have to download the PDF and send it to your doctor, if you are a resident. If you are a tourist, send it to the prevention department of the A.S.L. of the province where you will be staying.
Furthermore, the government advises you to download the app ‘Immuni‘ that notifies you if any new cases are found close to where you are/were.

Rules in Puglia


  • The use of face masks is mandatory on public transport and in stores, restaurants and bars. In a restaurant or at a bar, you can take them off when you are eating/drinking. When you’re going to the restroom or walking outside, you have to put it on. In supermarkets, gloves are mandatory as well.
  • Face masks should be worn on the street in cases when it is hard to maintain a safedistance from others.
  • Always keep one meter distance.
  • In most restaurants, a reservation is necessary.
  • At some bars and restaurants, you can’t sit with more than 3 people at the same table. What they will do then, is put an empty table in between. We experienced this last weekend.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tours and activities in Puglia

We have been welcoming guests for over 8 years and often got asked “What can we do in Puglia?”. Since around 2015 we have been talking about building a platform where guests can search through tours and activities and see the prices and availability.

Because searching yourself is not always easy: many organizations in the region do not have a website and if they have, information is not always available in English or other languages. It is also not always clear what an activity costs and when they can book that.

We have contacted these organizations and companies to see if they would be interested in a platform like ours and they were all very enthusiastic. We started working on the website and prego, here is it: a platform where you can search through activities and tours that you can directly book. We also offer free information about Puglia such as interesting blog posts and events.

We are very excited to see what you think, so have a look on



Best beaches (Blue Flag) in Puglia

Earlier this week, an impressive 293 of Italy’s beaches were given a prestigious ‘Blue Flag’- awarded only to beaches that meet stringent quality standards.

Each year the Foundation for Environmental Education issues the flags to beaches around the globe – and this year Puglia comes in fourth, with 11 beaches.

Best-beaches-in Puglia-Castro
So, where do you have to swim and relax this year?

Bari: Polignano a Mare

Barletta-Andria-Trani: Margherita di Savoia – Centro Urbano Canna Fesca

Brindisi: Carovigno  (new entry), Ostuni, Fasano

Lecce: Melendugno – (Roca, San Foca Centro, San Foca Nord-Torre Specchia, Sant’Andrea e Torre dell’Orso), Otranto, Salve, Castro

Taranto: Castellaneta, Ginosa – Marina di Ginosa

We personally love the beaches around Ostuni and every now an then hire a little boat in Castro. Bring some wine and pizza and you will have a lovely full day on the sea!

Best-beaches-in Puglia-Castro-Marina


Read more about the Blue Flags on The Local.

Gallipoli, Puglia’s Scenic Seaside Village

Gallipoli is a beautiful city that in the summer transforms to a lively, busy city, full of bars, places to eat and of course beach parties. We found this article by Susan Nelson and wanted to share it with you. Pictures are made by us… We often visit this city, it’s about 45/50 minutes driving from our B&B.

“Way down south in the heel of the boot that is Puglia lies the old baroque-inspired seaside village of Gallipoli. Surrounded by the Ionian Sea on the Salentina Peninsula, Gallipoli sits quietly under the warmth of the sun. Tourists are relatively few among the labyrinthine weave of narrow streets that eventually lead to the spacious waterfront promenade. But those who do know Gallipoli understand its enticing attributes that lure them back time and again.


Sunlight dances off the transparent waters that expand outward from long sandy beaches. Waterfront restaurants offer delicious fresh-caught seafood prepared in a way that heightens the natural tender and sensational tastes.

Gallipoli has a large seafood market that offers everything locally caught. Eels, prawns, lobster, swordfish,urchins, mussels and various fish varieties fill the bins. Local chefs are known to visit the market twice a day to purchase the freshest seafood they can find for their restaurants.
Streets and alleys lead inward from the waterfront and wind about in a maze-like formation. While visiting recently with Lecce based YLTours and Victoria Di Maio, we each went our separate ways for a few hours to see what we could find. But just as “all roads lead to Rome,” so it is true that all roads lead to the waterfront (eventually) in Gallipoli.
Throughout Gallipoli, there are accents of baroque architecture, like the white sculpted decor over the doorway below. Laundry is hung out everywhere and doesn’t take long to dry in this warm climate. More baroque influences are evident in the balcony as well as around the doorway. And of course, Italy wouldn’t be Italy without its parade of parked motorbikes.


Shops sell everything from local shells to handmade goods by local artisans. All of the buildings are white and cream in color which makes bright green palms stand out dramatically. I discovered how easy and fun it is to get caught up in the flow of shoppers.
Gallipoli means “beautiful city.” The long sandy beaches and warm ocean waters are an islander’s paradise. With so much surrounding beauty, Gallipoli offers the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate.”




– Susan Nelson,


Negroamaro wine festival 14 – 17 July 2016

Magic, fun, an unforgettable atmosphere and unique flavors: these are the ingredients of one of the coolest events in Brindisi, even Puglia: the Negroamaro Wine Festival. The festival takes place from the 14th until the 17th of July (2016).

Set over 20,000 m2 in the historic City of Brindisi, the streets are lined with wine tasting stations, street food and various live music and dancing. As you meander through the old town and along ‘lungomare’, the water front, you are filled with a sense of euphoria, as this event personifies the start of the summer season. The atmosphere is electric; people laughing, dancing and being merry.

One studio available!
We still have our Green Studio available during the festival. Do you have any questions about the festival? Please contact us.